Monday, May 26, 2014

GetSet Student App!

Hello Fashionistas!

Happy summer! CCFA is helping a startup promote their new app by asking Columbia College students to test it out for free.  Here are a few details: The GetSet private beta test at Columbia College is an exclusive, online community of your peers that will help empower students with the skills and community support needed to graduate and succeed. Users will explore their true motivation and discover students who share goals and challenges.  Your continual feedback will be extremely valuable in helping GetSet revise the app and launch a finished product to the public. Our end goal is to integrate the program with the college admissions and orientation process so that all incoming students can enjoy the many benefits of GetSet. Click on this link to sign up for GetSet private beta test and a chance to win one of ten $25 Amazon gift cards by completing the survey that will appear at the bottom of the screen!



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CCFA Collabs with Bucketfeet Once Again!

Last Spring, Raaja, the co-founder of Bucketfeet - an amazing shoe company which originated here in Chicago, came to speak to Columbia students about his journey and the concept of his unique line.  About a year later, we are proud to know that the company has opened up multiple pop-up shops, and of course among the first ones opened is located in the heart of our city! Bucketfeet is kind enough to have set up a special event for us which will include a talk session with Takashi, the head of product design, and a 50% STUDENT DISCOUNT FOR ALL ATTENDEES***!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Presenters Have Been Selected!

CCFA is proud to say that we have selected our style Bloggers to present at next Monday's Blog-O-Rama showcase! All students are welcome to attend! If you have any kind of blog of your own or are interested in creating one, we encourage you to come on out to learn from, support, and connect with your fellow student bloggers! Refreshments will be provided!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Blog-O-Rama" Student Showcase!

CCFA is throwing a Blogger Event before the end of the semester, and encourages all you student bloggers who take pride in your fashion, style, or beauty blog to submit your blog for the chance to be selected to present your work to your fellow students and student bloggers at our "Blog-O-Rama" showcase! To apply please click the following link and take our survey before Monday, March 31st:

Oscar Favorites

The 86th annual Academy Awards aired March 2, and we fashionistas only tuned in for the red carpet event. This year, stars picked the right stylist and designers! The red carpet was filled with less gloop and more fabulous! Here's a list of the stars who dressed the part.

Matthew  McConaughey
Dolce and Gabbana
Men are sometimes overlooked in award shows. Matthew looked stunning in this ivory/black suit, and with two lovely ladies on his arms. 
Lupita Nyong'o
Nairobi Blue Prada
Nyong'o is no stranger to stunning. She was the Cinderella of the night. Ditching her form fitting dresses, Lupita was the belle of the ball. 

Johnny Weir
Accessorized with Swarvoski Crystal Loafers by Louis Leeman
All white! Gorgeous! Weir wins best dressed for the guys! 

Amy Adams
Simplicity is always the answer. Adams looked beautiful in this navy blue gown. 

Kate Hudson
By far my favorite from the night, Hudson's dress was captivating! Equipped with a mini cape and plunging V-neck line. Kate was an excellent bridge of sexy and elegant. 

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
Will: Berluti Jada: Versace
This duo would look amazing in brown paper bags and brillo pads for shoes. Nothing less than elegance and beauty.  
Angelina Jolie
Elie Saab Haute Couture
Ditching her routinely black/dark look, Jolie was glowing in this beautiful Elie Saab gown. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Shop Underground

With the rise of online shopping, more underground and aspiring fashion designers have begun to flex their muscle with online boutiques. Bigcartel and Etsy are some of the hosting sites for the fashion lover with a big dream and no building. A beautiful thing about online fashion boutiques is one word, uniqueness. 

Instead of running to Forever 21 or H&M to satisfy clothing needs, it's time to support small business and add rarities to our closets. 

Here are two online boutiques/fashion lines that are proving why online underground shopping is the move. 

 Genius Juice Co
Do you have The Juice?
Genius Juice is the newest and hottest streetwear brand, putting on for the south.
I’ve seen this cool brand pop up every day by a different person. The influence of Genius Juice is spreading fast. We’d better pay attention.
The Owner
Sammy, @SammySky on Instagram, is the epitome of bold and unique. Her style breaks necks.
Always chic, fierce, and on point, it makes sense that Genius Juice yields the same results as the CEO.
The Line 
Genius Juice is for the classy and the stylish. Those people who aren’t afraid to be confident, those who never let society or anyone in it crush their dreams, or put red tape over their mouth.
According to Sammy, a Genius is fearless, driven and confident.
This line drew my attention with it’s bold yet simple look.
Currently, the line features hats, beanies, tshirts, and crewnecks.
I am excited to see the expansion of this line.
I’ll be ordering a “King Juice ” tshirt” soon as they are restocked. :)
Be Bold. Get the Juice.
Visit the site below:
Follow the owner, Sammy, on Instagram:

This line first caught my attention two summers ago. When customized shorts first hit the scene,  this line introduced unique designs.
Now expanded, 1of1sbyJolie has chic fashion items to fierce up your closet.
image image (1)
The Line
1of1′s apparel is exotic, colorful, and decorative.  A mix of vintage and uniquely customized pieces, 1of1′s is for the attention grabbers, not seekers.
1of1′s are perfectly chic. Step out of a boring box and get new, edgy fashions.
The Owner
The mastermind behind the fierceness that is 1of1′s, Angelique, is just as fabulous as her clothing line. Mixing sensual, chic, classy, with a dash of edge,
Follow the owner on Instagram

Go forth and Shop. 
IG: @Saldoniaa